About the Company

Consulting company Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd. (GESTeam, Ltd.) was founded on February, 22, 2007.


Our company renders a wide range of high-professional services connected with various problems in legislation, jurisprudence and commitment law; legal entities debt collection; company credit risks management and many other projects.


Nowadays, Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd. is a company with the staff-team that numbers more than 20 high skilled and qualified specialists and advisors. We have already proved ourselves as true and safe partner, finding the best and the most reliable decision for the existed problems at the earliest possible period of time.


During its lifetime, the company has generated harmonious and well-associated team with high standard of knowledge and creative, intellectual potential that meet and satisfy the requirements of the up-to-date business and contribute to its permanent development and effectiveness.

+7 (495) 229-22-89 Russia, Moscow 115035, Pytnitskaya st. 18, buildihg 3



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