List of Services for Business/Financial Risks Insurance

At present the Russian Insurance market has been in operation for more than 20 years. While this period the Russian Insurance companies have been steadily advancing in the field of common property insurance, though it hardly can be said in regards the market of business/financial risks insurance.


Being involved in business/financial risks insurance, our specialists in this field have possessed more than ten-year practical experience and can offer the following services to the Clients:


For Insured

  • Recommendations and advices on insurance problems (of any kind).

  • Preparation of expert opinion concerning the status of your active Insurance Contracts (Agreements) and the current documentation (Contracts, Acts, Vouchers, etc.), needed for your obligations execution in regard to the Insurer in case of the insured accident occurrence.

  • Elaboration of the procedure recommendations list for your staff (in case of the insured accident occurrence) for efficient preparation of the documents necessary for the Insurer.

  • Staff training for supporting your company active Insurance Contracts (Agreements).


For Insurer


Insurance Programs Elaboration:


1. Insurance conceptual idea elaboration.

  • Working-out the list of requirements specification for Insurance conceptual idea elaboration;

  • Drawing-up the request for getting the needed data and information necessary for Insurance conceptual idea elaboration;

  • Analysis and processing the obtained data and information;

  • Insurance conceptual idea elaboration.

2. Licensing procedure preparation.

  • Drawing-up the draft Insurance Regulations list and making-up the set of the necessary insurance documentation;

  • Making-up the draft Principles of Tariffs Calculation and Economic Basis

3. Guides’ preparation.

  • Preparation of various guides concerning underwriting procedure, losses adjustment, accounting policy, etc.


Methodology and Risk Evaluation


1. Insurance Regulations and Insurance documentation outer-supporting;

2. Preliminary, independent underwriting.




1. Economic efficiency (or cost-efficiency) evaluation of the current reinsurance protective methods;

2. Making-up the list of recommendations for protective method changing.


Losses Adjustment and Recourse Claims Records


1. Losses adjustment procedure outer-supporting.

2. Draft Disbursed Act preparation by our independent expert (advisor);

3. Recourse Claims records outer-supporting;

4. Recourse Claims collecting from the Debtors



Arbitrage and Other Court Practice


Bankruptcy Procedure Support


Subscriber Legal Service


Claim Support


Buyer Visit


Accounts Receivable (Debt Collection) Management


Accounts Receivable (Debts) Collection


> Evaluative activities


Personnel Activity Legal Support and Maintenance

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