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Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd provides a complete set of evaluative services related to estimation of material and intangible assets in accordance with Russian and International standards for foreign companies; financial institutions; insurance companies; public customers; private persons.

By signing Contract with any insurance company you can make yourself secure against damages (losses) caused by industrial disasters, acts of God, Counteragent’s default on obligations for accounts receivable, or any other similar events.

Nevertheless, any Insurance Contract stipulates for fulfillment of specified obligations by the Insured (i.e. by you), where any obligation non-fulfillment either releases the Insurance Company from responsibility to pay-off the Insurance compensation to the Insured, or gives to the Insurance Company true chance to postpone the fulfillment of such contractual obligations.

As a rule, the Insured becomes aware of such obligations after the occurrence of the Insurance Accident (event). And, instead of getting the Insurance compensation without any delay and starting restoration process of your business activities, you ought to enter into protracted and exhausted interplay with the Insurer.


While the stage, called “pre-insurance event”, our services can assist you in:

  • Getting professional advise and your staff training regarding the terms of insurance and your contractual obligations by the example of already signed Insurance Contracts;

  • Exercising the inner-audit in order to reveal the readiness of your personnel for prompt providing full set of documentation needed for the Insurer in case of the Insurance event occurrence;

  • Optimizing and regulating the inner-processes and activities of your company, which have influence on your contractual obligations fulfillment in proper time.


While the stage, called “after the insurance event occurrence”, our services can be essential if:

  • You have sent to the Insurance Company the written application for Insurance compensation pay-off and you need the assistance in preparing the documents, proving the occurrence of the Insurance event and the amount of actual losses;

  • The Insurance Company gives no reply to your notifications, applications or claims and doesn’t pay-off the Insurance compensation;

  • The Insurance Company demands either getting from you the additional papers or making corrections in the older documents, and you have no idea how to prepare the correct inquiry answer;

  • You’ve got the official refusal for Insurance compensation pay-off, but you consider such decision unjustified.


Claim Support Service can be rendered for the following Insurance products:

  • Property Fire and Allied Perils Insurance;

  • Cargo Insurance;

  • Business (Commercial) Credit Insurance;

  • Motor Insurance (Auto KASKO) – if the total amount of damages (losses) exceeds 1 million Rubles.



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