Personnel Activity Legal Support and Maintenance

Legal support and maintenance of Personnel Activity is represented by the examination and appraisal of personnel documentation at compliance with the rules and regulations of RF current legislation.

The main aim and the primary intent of the personnel documentation support and maintenance – is to reduce various risks, connected with infraction of Russian Federation current Labor legislation.


Legal analysis of personnel documentation status is necessary for the following:

  • Records and files acceptance-delivery by the staff;

  • Internal estimation of company’s departments activities;

  • Preparation for Labor Inspection and other controlling units revision;

  • Labor dispute representation in courts;

  • Any operating enterprise purchase & sale, statutory mergers and acquisitions.


The service includes:

  • Checking-up and inspection of the compulsory personnel documents (staff-papers) availability;

  • Verification of the labor contracts compliance with the rules and regulations of RF current Labor Legislation and correctness of papers preparation;

  • Legal analysis of the local statements and checking of their compliance with the rules and regulations of RF current Labor Legislation;

  • Verification and control for the staff work-books correct registration;

  • Inspection and control for correctness of the staff paper-work preparation and registration, including personnel employment and dismissal, transfer to another job and other similar labor problems;

  • Inspection and control for personnel documentation filing and integrated systematization;

  • Advices and proposals for the exposed errors and non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the current legislation elimination.


In accordance with the results of the legal support service, we get ready the written expert opinion, summarizing information and data of the above-mentioned inspection and verification, and perform the list of advices and recommendations for elimination of the discovered violations and contradictions in personnel documentation or personnel department activities as a whole.

The service cost depends on the total number of the staff members, company’s field of activity, volume of the inspected documents and their condition status.


Advising on the Labor Legislation current problems includes the following:

  • Recommendations on dismissal, transfer to another job/department or employment of the foreign persons; and draft documents preparation for current Labor relations settlement;

  • Recommendations and proposals concerning labor relations registration at the enterprise or the individual businessman;

  • Consultations concerning legal basis statement of labor relations;

  • Working out the draft labor contracts and the local statements, regulating labor relations of the organization, including the necessary personnel documents.


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