Accounts Receivable (Debt Collection) Management

Credit Risks Portfolio management – is an integrated service aiming to provide safety and stability for your actual business activity, running on terms of payment by installments and/or delay of payment.


We can assist in:

  • Creating and launching an integrated credit policy in your company;

  • Credit policy balancing with respect to your Counteragents;

  • Launching or optimizing your business activity for current dept collection process realization by using such measures as insurance and factoring;

  • Introducing and increasing the effectiveness of debt collection activity by using such measures as insurance, recovery, restructuring and debt guarantees, as well as legal support and assistance in case of Counteragent bankruptcy (insolvency);

  • Getting independent opinion of the experienced credit managers regarding the status of your Credit portfolio and Credit policy.


Professional management of Credit Risks portfolio in your company, for sure, will enlarge the attraction of your business in the opinion of your suppliers, creditors, investors, banks, factoring companies and credit insurers.  


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Accounts Receivable (Debts) Collection

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