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Common analysis of Counteragent’s financial stability/solvency is based on analysis of accounting reports and of public data processing.

The key and the main feature of the Buyer Visit service is Counteragent’s Top Management interviewing. Being combined with the traditional common analysis, such approach makes it possible to draw ultimate, comprehensive conclusion in the form of the detailed Expert Opinion regarding the financial stability of your Counteragent.


Buyer Visit service includes the following:

  • Acquisition of accounting reports and data collection (regarding the Counteragent status and position) from the public informational sources*;

  • Acquisition of Counteragent’s internal management (administrative) data/reports**;

  • Counteragent’s Top Management interviewing;

  • Data processing and analysis;

  • Preparation and presentation of Expert opinion due to the results of analysis regarding Counteragent’s solvency.

* with possible Client’s participation

** if such data/reports are available and provided by the Counteragent



If you are a Creditor, you need being supported if:

  • the value of commodity/commercial credit, given to your Counteragent, exceeds the amount of 200,000.00 Euro minimum;

  • it is necessary to increase the amount of Finance Limits, fixed (determined) by your factoring company, against money claim assignation.

  • it is necessary to increase the amount of the insured Credit Limits, fixed (determined) by the Insurer within the Commercial (commodity) Credit Insurance Contract;

  • it is required to get expert opinion of an independent, experienced credit manager.


If you are a Debtor, you need being supported if:

  • you are eager to magnify the appeal of your business for attracting new suppliers, and/or

  • you prefer to modify the term of obtaining goods/works/services by prepayment to the term of payment by installments/delay of payment, and/or

  • you want to increase the amount of Credit Limits determined by your supplier, factoring company and/or credit Insurer. 


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> Accounts Receivable (Debts) Collection

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