Evaluative Activities

Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd. proposes a number of evaluative services, such as Art-Works evaluation, property estimation, investment project effectiveness appreciation and other kinds of evaluative activities.


Rich experience, gained by specialists of Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd., allows to give to the Clients the detailed and precise advices and recommendations, as well as to undertake various complicated tasks throughout all regions of Russian Federation.


Global Expert & Service Team, Ltd. accomplishes its evaluative activities in full accordance with the rules and regulations of the current standard and legislative Acts, correlating with evaluative activity in Russian Federation, and provides the following services:


Art-Works evaluation

Estimation of immovable property (real estate), such as:

  • Commercial realty

  • Landed property (allotments and holdings)

  • Cottages (country-houses)

  • Uncompleted construction objects

  • Apartments

  • Constructions

  • Lease and rent cost estimation


Valuation of property and property complexes


Equipment assessment


Business (entity) rating


Valuation of securities, such as:

  • Shares

  • Public bonds

  • Bills of exchange


Intellectual property and intangible assets evaluation

  • Trade mark (brand)

  • Know-How, Scientific-research works and experimental-engineering developments

  • Patents and Licenses

  • Goodwill (business reputation and image)


Revaluation of main (permanent) assets


Business accounting evaluation in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards


Transport facilities estimation

  • Motors

  • Water-crafts

  • Carriages, locomotives, tanks and other rail-way means

  • Aircraft equipment


Damage appraisal. Independent expert opinion of the damages (losses)


Investment project effectiveness estimation


Investment project realization maintenance and support


Business-plan formation


Marketing investigations (market analysis)


Sociological researches


Investment memorandum (notes) elaboration


Consultations, advices and support while entity (business) selling


Our benefits and advantages

  • Excellent quality of the maintained services in full accordance with the stringent international and State regulations and requirements

  • Protection and support of the maintained services

  • Strict compliance with international and State regulations and requirements

  • Each evaluative report is made by our certified specialist-estimator, and is verified by the Quality Control Department

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